Customer Experience

Is the new borderline for maintaining a competitive advantage.

A personalized approach, focused on the customer and on the communication options.

Communication through any channel allows you to differentiate your brand, generate differentiated experiences and create loyalty. For this reason, we offer technological solutions to generate better experiences and drive the digital transformation for any business vertical.
Customer service demands are constantly evolving. Customers want to interact in a channel that is optimally adapted to their preferences. Good service is no longer enough; a flexible and reliable contact center platform is essential.

CiberC is an integrator of Collaboration Solutions aimed at improving the customer service experience, with more than 20 years of experience and +5,000 agent positions of Contact Center in Latin America.

GENESYS CLOUD is an all-in-one omnichannel CX solution in the cloud, which helps organizations to optimize the experiences of their customers and employees

We offer Consulting, Design, Implementation and Support services for de Genesys Cloud y Pure Connect, as well as value-added applications, such as Development at the programming level and Omnichannel Self-Service Integration, Chatbot Artificial Intelligence, VoiceBot, Integration with Social Networks and WhatsApp.

Genesys Cloud benefits

Get started quickly

Deploy and see value faster than you thought possible

Grow easily

Activate additional functionality without complex integrations

Enjoying Advantages in the future

Take advantage of having a product with more investment in R&D for the future

What to expect from Genesys Cloud?

Accelerated Innovation

Does not require major updates and long downtime

Open Platform

Connect data, systems and processes seamlessly


Connect everything, whenever and wherever.


Visualize agent performance in a unified way


AI and Automation at the service of the CX experience

GENESYS CLOUD: To deliver value, faster

Cloud Architecture

Designed for the Cloud

400 Microservices Deployed in the Cloud from AWS and Devops

Innovation Speed

All Automated

More than 20 thousand production code changes per year

Ease of implementation

One Click Deployment

Every week there are new capabilities to activate from the customer portal

GENESYS Innovation

R&D budget of $250M+

Omnichannel, Customer and Employee Experience all powered by AI


Available in 9 Regions

2 in the US, 2 in the EU, UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Australia

Safe and Resilient

99.997% Availability

GDPR, ISO27001, ISO27018, SOC-2, HIPAA, PCI


20K Agents are added per month to Genesys Cloud

Genesys is one of the largest cloud contact centers worldwide.

Ecosystem Innovation


360+ Genesys Partners provide 500+ integrated applications.

The Genesys PureConnect platform, that is market leader in the cloud and on-premise, simplifies management, improves efficiency, reduces the total cost of the ownership of the contact center, offers a high degree of performance to small and medium-sized companies; In addition, this platform incorporates external data and resources.

Find out how PureConnect enables you to unify your call center and business communication infrastructures simply and comprehensively, and help you deliver great customer experiences.

Some examples of the developments and integrations as follows

Telemedicine or Tele consults Power By Smart Video

As result of the global pandemic where mobility was reduced, a solution was designed to allow interaction between doctor and patient in order to provide advice in health through electronic means. This solution lets patients to access a video call, RTC Web Call (Click To call) or chat from a mobile device or web page, allowing these communications to be directed to a group (doctors), in addition of being able to share documents, conference, transfers and more...

Teams- Genesys Cloud Power By Oracle Integration

Expand Telephony (Ip PBX) and Contact Center functionalities to the Collaboration Teams solution, allowing back office users to communicate with their service advisors. Improve the specialists' response by involving them in the queries received by your service advisors. This is the best option for integrated communications with Microsoft Office, Teams and Genesys.


Downloading, storing, and deleting Webex recordings to local or cloud storage can be done easily, automated, and organized, providing availability for all users' future recording and consultation needs. 100% in-house development by CiberC.

Integration of Physical Campus and Virtual Campus

Integration of the Communication and Collaboration solution with the On-line learning solution (Moodle). This integration expands the capacity of the companies to carry out career plans and training. In addition, it is a very useful tool for Universities and Educational Institutions


Genesys Cloud (previously known as PureCloud) was developed to broaden support for the customer experience by optimizing the customer journey and making interactions with external systems more efficient and effective, from routing to preferred agent and much more.

CiberC remains focused on delivering value to customers through innovations that deliver the best business results.

Commitment to innovation

Existing use cases with the Genesys cloud platform that deliver proven results are core tenets of our innovation strategy. Genesys continues to lead innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), in digital experiences in sales, marketing and service, and in capabilities that empower employees to be more engaged and work smarter, not harder.

All of this makes CiberC deliver better experiences for customers and employees.