Professional Services

We provide knowledge and human resources necessary for the development of our customers' projects and their IT services.

Advanced services for your projects

We rely in our extensive experience in implementing technological solutions and the knowledge of different economic sectors to provide high-skilled services to help in the preparation process of technology projects.  We support our customers to help them concrete their ideas and and carry out internal improvements from the beginning to the pre-implementation stages. 

The quality of our consulting services are guaranteed by the participation of certified and qualified professionals, with technical and practical experience in the development of technological projects, thus giving our customers the confidence that the planning of the projects will be carried out with the best technical and strategic conditions.

Throughout the years we have implemented technological solutions as a complement that helps our customers to execute their organization’s technological projects. Our customers can trust that we have the knowledge and experience in implementing projects of different technologies for companies from different economic sectors.

Technical, specialized and certified engineers, project managers, field specialists, technology strategists, are part of the large group of professionals who work with us besides to all the internal organization. We also have the tools to carry out the projects implementation with the highest standards of quality and service as required by our clients including multi-level and multi-site.

CiberC, aware of the new technological challenges and the importance of software development and integration with the Networking platforms has implemented a programming specialized unit for these integrations supported by the characteristics of SDN offered by different manufacturers it has as its strategic partners.

We can support your organization in the operation of your products and services.  We offer flexibility in your internal management so that you can focus on achieving your business goals without dealing with the complexity of the technology infrastructure.  We have the knowledge to make your resources always “100% Available” and your organization will not suffer any setbacks in the performance of your activities.  Furthermore, we carry out processes and tasks to continuously evaluate the behavior of systems and reduce the possibility of failures.

We can provide you with the infrastructure, human resources and procedures to operate as your “Network Operating Center (NOC)” or as your “Security Operating Center (SOC)” without having to implement one in your organization, which also decreases costs and execution times of your projects.

Cases developed in Operation

There is a growing drive to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency through technological innovation. This naturally translates into a growing number of IT projects where the success or failure of a business can often hinge on the ability to complete these projects on time, on budget and to specification, they are generally considering two delivery models. : staff augmentation and project outsourcing. CiberC has the capabilities to complete these projects reducing the cost and the level of risk, particularly as IT needs are constantly changing. In today’s business world, where falling behind the IT innovation curve can spell disaster, very few companies have static IT needs, and even companies that are content with the IT business as a matter of course can easily relying on outdated legacy systems that, in the event of failure, could cripple a business. On the contrary, when companies seek external help to complete IT projects, they find CiberC their best ally.