Genesys Cloud is both a solution and a platform.

The Genesys Cloud platform allows the user to subscribe and purchase amazing features directly from Genesys or to create its own, or both options depending on its needs. Plus, with hundreds of additional applications available on the Genesys AppFoundry, shopping center, the platform is highly flexible and safe for businesses and application developers.

Customer Experience

Improve the response of specialists by engaging them with the inquiries your care consultants receive.

Artificial intelligence - AI

Genesys Cloud's new capabilities focused on the use of data and predictions to improve the employee and customer experience.

User experience

Genesys Cloud places a high priority on user experience. Agents, supervisors, administrators, quality managers and workforce planners are equally important when it comes to user experience.

Telephony, unified communications and collaboration

These Genesys Cloud capabilities represent a major expansion of functionality and an advanced level of resiliency, giving more choices.