Edwin Barros, a Systems Engineer with emphasis in IT Strategic Management and Information Technology and Telecommunications Project Management, comes to CiberC to take on the challenge of ensuring that organizational and NICT strategies are aligned and consistent with the company’s development.

EDWIN BARROS has more than 30 years of experience

In the management and transformation of companies through the application of information technologies and telecommunications. He also has a transversal knowledge of core business processes coupled with an understanding of customer needs, which will allow him to contribute significantly to CiberC’s strategic and business plans, generating cost reductions, reaching new revenue streams, and developing a powerful customer experience. 

Edwin Barros, SDT

His extensive expertise in Latin America, with excellent results in the implementation of consulting, IT and telecommunications projects and solutions in different industry sectors such as Healthcare, Transportation, Logistics, Telecommunications and Government are his best introduction.

Before joining the CiberC team, Edwin worked at KAPSCH TRAFFICOMM, where with his knowledge and leadership he was able to drive large projects and develop high impact solutions for the organization’s business. Prior to that position, he was General Manager at ETRA INTERANDINA SA, and was responsible for leading the daily operational activities of the Colombian subsidiary of that Group and taking the business to a new level of operational excellence.

With the arrival of Edwin Barros to CiberC, we intend to develop a strategy aimed at greater efficiency in the processes of generating solutions for its customers, which will allow us to become the best partner and strategic ally for the evolution of their business.

Its work team is formed by: Aide Espejo, Jenny Rodríguez, Fernanda Beltrán, Santiago Jurado, Ángel Rodríguez and with the global support of Maribel Illescas. Together, they will undoubtedly help our company to achieve the 2022-2023 strategic objectives.

We are sure that Edwin’s management will have a high impact for our organization, and we welcome him to the team and wish him much success in his management. At CiberC our greatest asset is our people.