Cisco Certification in Master Cloud and Managed Services for CiberC

14 August, 2020

On July 14, CiberC received the Master Cloud and Managed Services Certification one of the highest Cisco Certifications for its Partners worldwide.  This achievement has been achieved after meeting all the multinational requirements established for this purpose, which allows CiberC to be recognized as one of the companies who offers Cisco Power Services as it has several certifications in this category including Meraki SD-WAN Services Managed Business Communication, among others.

This certification is valid for one year and must be renewed after meeting all the requirements for this purpose, during which time CiberC is able to provide these services to its clients with the greatest help and support, with a large number of technical and documentary resources provided by Cisco.


In addition, as a business partner which provides Cisco solutions, particularly with this important Certification, CiberC has great and important tools to ease the commercial process by supporting its customers accelerating the digital transformation of their operations, in addition to being able to expand towards new markets.

CiberC’s commitment is always to bring quality to the highest level, therefore, this certification is a great achievement both for the company and for all those involved in its achievement, whose effort and dedication have led our company to a higher level obtaining the recognition of both our clients and the sector in general.

We greatly appreciate all the efforts of our team for this achievement, which would not have been possible without them for sure.