CiberC is proud to announce the renewal of its Cisco DevNet specialization in the CANSAC region, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to providing tailored solutions for businesses in the area.

CiberC maintains its commitment as a Cisco Partner by renewing the DevNet specialization until 2024

The strategic partnership between CiberC and Cisco has been instrumental in delivering robust support and cutting-edge technological solutions to businesses in the CANSAC region. This renewal underscores their unwavering dedication to excellence and digital transformation.
The dedication and leadership of the CiberCiDEV teams, led by engineers Raúl Flores and Verni Hernández, have been essential on this exciting journey towards success. Their hard work and dedication have significantly contributed to strengthening the alliance with Cisco and ensuring that companies in the CANSAC region have access to innovative technological solutions and top-notch support.

CiberC takes pride in continuing to advance alongside Cisco towards an even more successful technological future. This renewal of the Cisco DevNet specialization enhances their ability to provide world-class solutions and reaffirms their commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the market.