On August 16th and 17th, 2023, the evaluation process of our SG-SSTA by the Colombian Safety Council took place at CIBERC Colombia, resulting in a satisfactory score of 88% compliance. This marks a significant increase of four percentage points compared to last year’s rating of 84% compliance.

CiberC exceeds compliance expectations with 88% in the RUC audit of the Colombian Security Council

Additionally, this year, CIBERC received recognition for three “excellent practices” in areas where we exceeded compliance expectations related to our SG-SSTA manual. These include the effectiveness of epidemiological surveillance programs, our environmental management programs (carbon footprint measurement), and notable aspects such as the use of technological tools for document control, ensuring process efficiency, and environmental sustainability. It also underscores the management’s commitment to the audit process and participation in the SSTA management system, employees’ alignment with the company’s organizational culture, and their awareness that their contributions are valued in shaping risk control strategies, leading to the maintenance of zero occupational disease statistics. This achievement highlights the organization’s strong risk management culture.

With this impressive rating and demonstrating a high level of compliance and commitment to Safety, Health, and Environment, we maintain approval to use the RUC logo in our communication channels, advertising, and portfolio. 

RUC is an assessment and monitoring system for risk management in Safety, Health, and Environment (SSTA), following the best practices required by legal standards and applicable management systems, as outlined in the “Guide to the Safety, Health, and Environment System,” which has been adopted by contracting companies as a benchmark for the performance of contractor companies and their stakeholders.

This guide has been prepared by the Technical Operational Committee of RUC (Uniform Evaluation Registry of Safety, Health, and Environment System for Contractors), comprising representatives of operating companies, major contractors, contractor companies, and the Colombian Safety Council. It aims to facilitate and ensure consistency in the formulation of these requirements by operating companies and major contractors during tender processes for the contracting and execution of services. Operating companies and major contractors will evaluate bids and performance based on these requirements.

Contracting companies firmly believe that high performance in safety, health, and the environment is synonymous with quality and effectiveness in operations. These factors not only safeguard the well-being of workers but also contribute to raising the competitiveness and profitability of organizations. Common principles in this regard result in gains for both operators and major contractors, as well as for contractors and their stakeholders.

In this way, as an organization, we continuously improve our SG-SSTA, working for the health and well-being of our employees and for environmental protection. We extend our gratitude to the entire CIBERC team, who played a part in this significant achievement and contributed to the strengthening of a risk prevention culture, the promotion of a better quality of life for all, and environmental protection.