CIBERC obtains from Cisco the Iot Authorization Partner Certification

1 July, 2019

CiberC has obtained Cisco’s recognized IOT Authorization Partner last May, which will allow us to accompany our clients in their projects and services based on Cisco IOT.

This certification is only obtained by companies that meet the rigorous requirements defined by Cisco and pretend to offer their solutions and services based on IoT (Internet of Things). Like other Cisco certifications, its Partners must obtain this certification year after year, checking and evaluating the competencies to ensure that Cisco customers get the best services from their technology partners. In addition, Cisco will update this certification with the latest advances on a regular basis.

The authorized IoT partners will have the proven experience to offer IoT solutions to their clients, with solutions designed by themselves and will ensure that their implementation and after-sales service is the correct and most appropriate.

This certification is part of a series of changes in the focus of Cisco services, given that Cisco foresees a strong development of the IoT industry. Now is betting strongly on the intent-based Networks (IBN) targeted in the extended company, through corporate and IoT networks, even in the most dangerous places.

The application of IoT (Internet of Things) finds its growth in multiple sectors, with a great boost in the oil and gas industry, as well as extensive development in solutions for smart cities and mobility. That is why Cisco is expanding and optimizing its structure to meet this demand, and at the same time is developing more IoT solutions, such as services focused on the IoT Edge Networks, as well as the launch of the Kinetic ioT Platform for solutions of smart cities.

It is also promoting new tools for processing and analyzing data over-the-edge, organizing all its partner ecosystem and products as well as platforms for IoT designs validation and CX platforms to ensure the success of the implementations. This in order to facilitate the clients’ development of IoT projects, which are limited by critical points such as complexity, scalability and security.

On the same line CIBERC, given that considers the IoT sector of great importance in the digital transformation of the sectors, has worked hard to acquire this certification in order to its customers can develop IoT projects with complete peace of mind and security, benefiting from the latest technological innovations, with the full support of CISCO.