CiberC and its consolidation in the NOLA region

13 February, 2020

NolaRegionCiberC in its continuous organization and search for the provision of services and customer satisfaction, has decided to consolidate in a single block what it used to operate horizontally in different regions. Now, the NoLA (North of Latin America) block consolidates the Mexico, Central America and Caribbean regions into a single structure, which will function under the responsibility of the Regional Manager, a position that Mr. Carlos Manuel Pons holds today former Country Manager for Mexico.

Likewise, the commercial management of the new Region will be in charge of the Commercial Regional Manager, a position entrusted to the previous Edisson Montero Engineer Commercial Manager for Central America and the Caribbean.

To both of them, to whom we would thank for their initiative, leadership as well as proactivity and enthusiasm in carrying out this new organization, we congratulate them and wish them many successes in their new positions.

This new organizational structure, which has been studied more than a year in advance, is finally carried out last November (2019) thanks to the strategic agreements reached in the region and the objective of expanding both the coverage of services and the market of the region. In addition, another of the objectives of this strategic decision, is to improve the services we provide to our clients, among which are several multinationals that operate in the region especially.

We have a solid work team, which will now start operating with this new organization, in all areas, financial, administrative, support, commercial, among others, to whom we want to thank for the support and overexertion involved in the changes of this new structure.

It should be noted that our company works tirelessly to maintain its leadership and to strengthen its growth in structure and resources to offer greater coverage in services for our global and local clients.

All these changes focus us to have a vision towards the future and will help us to face important challenges that the next years will hold for our company, but above all, they reinforce us as the best global provider of technological solutions and position us as the best option for customers of the NoLA region.