We are pleased to announce the arrival of Andrea Carolina Galvis Gallego as the new Manager of Human Talent Management. With a strong background in human resources management and a focus on driving excellence in organizational talent, Andrea joins the CiberC management team to further strengthen the human resources strategy and contribute to the company’s sustainable growth.

Andrea Galvis joins the management team to further strengthen CiberC's human resources strategy

Andrea Galvis, Manager of Human Talent Management

As the Manager of Human Talent, Andrea will be responsible for leading recruitment and selection efforts, talent development, performance management, and wellness programs at CiberC. Her strategic approach and deep understanding of the labor market will be crucial in fostering a collaborative, inclusive, and motivating work environment for all employees of the organization.
Andrea has extensive human resources management experience, having held prominent positions in renowned companies. She possesses a solid knowledge of talent recruitment and retention strategies and the design and implementation of professional development programs. Her comprehensive vision and ability to adapt to the changing challenges of the business environment will be invaluable in ensuring that CiberC remains an employer of choice in the industry.
With Andrea’s arrival, CiberC reaffirms its commitment to invest in its most valuable resource: its employees. Andrea’s experience and leadership will be essential in driving the growth and success of the organization in today’s business landscape.